5 Awesome Tips To Setting Up a Great Buffet Event

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Organizing an event can be a tiresome affair. Everything from creating a guest list, to hiring Commercial Kitchen Equipment for rent, needs to be carefully planned. But there are ways by which you can ensure that your event is a success, one of which includes setting up a great buffet. Here are 5 awesome tips that will come in handy next time you organize a buffet event:

  • Space Management

Choose a spot which has ample of space to accommodate the food tables. This will help in controlling the crowd and keeping them moving when they all come to collect their food. Allocating sufficient space to the buffet tables also ensures that your guests can enjoy their meals comfortably without getting in each other’s way.

  • Separate the Food & Drinks Tables

Make sure you serve all your drinks on a separate table. This will avoid unnecessary crowding at any one table and also enable your staff to serve your guests better.

  • Arrange the Food Types Strategically

To avoid confusion among the guests, arrange the food systematically on the tables. Start with salad and starters, then the main course, and finally dessert. Also, ensure that you have placed the cutlery and napkins at the start of the table so there is no line breaking while the buffet is in progress.

  • Provision of Essentials

If you intend your guests to sit comfortably while eating, then it’s important to arrange for sufficient number of chairs so that you don’t run out of them during the event. It is also imperative to place adequate number of dustbins so that the area remains clean throughout.

  • Hiring the Right Suppliers

The quality of your cutlery and vessels can go a long way in creating an impression on your guests. Whether it is Silver Plated Chafing Dish or Silver Plated Utensils, make sure you rent from the best suppliers, like Brass Line Hirers, for all your buffet events.

Remember, great food and great management are a must to ensure you have a great event!

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