The big fat Indian wedding for which the Marwari’s are famous is grand in every aspect be it food or décor. They are huge and lavish which has pre- wedding and post wedding celebrations too. There are a number of rituals celebrated over a number of days. Their rituals are very traditional and they like it with perfection. Attending a Marwari wedding is like going for a vacation with extreme heavy dresses and outfits. It is a great extravaganza. It is a fun time where all your family and friends come together for beginning the journey of two people who are going to live with each other forever.  Before starting any occasion they seek the blessing from Lord Ganesha. They prefer using catering utensils for rent in their ceremony.

The wedding generally has a rustic or royal location for an epic adventure. Sangeet (Music Event) is the best part of their wedding where people wake up tired the next day. They also have themes where they wear coordinated outfits which are specially designed. Even the old aunties dance their lungs out. If it’s a wedding it should be “A Marwari” wedding.

Marwari’s are carefree when it comes to spend on the wedding and great occasions as such. As they want the best, with Brass Line Hirer we give them the best catering equipment for their poise wedding event. Get unique and best designer ware for the grand meal on rental. If you need Gold & Silver plated utensils, contact Brass Line Hirer.

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