If you’ve ever had the pleasure of attending a traditional Indian wedding, then you might have noticed food being cooked and served in brass, copper and occasionally Gold & Silver plated utensils. What’s even more amazing is that brass utensils have been used in Indian cooking and serving traditions since ancient times! Ever wondered why brass is considered an ideal material for making utensils? Here’s why; Rich in Essential Minerals Brass utensils are known to be naturally rich in essential minerals like zinc and copper….Continue Reading “Brass Utensils Have Been Used Since Ancient Times; Here’s Why”

The big fat Indian wedding for which the Marwari’s are famous is grand in every aspect be it food or décor. They are huge and lavish which has pre- wedding and post wedding celebrations too. There are a number of rituals celebrated over a number of days. Their rituals are very traditional and they like it with perfection. Attending a Marwari wedding is like going for a vacation with extreme heavy dresses and outfits. It is a great extravaganza. It is a fun time where…Continue Reading “Marwari Wedding”

  Organizing an event can be a tiresome affair. Everything from creating a guest list, to hiring Commercial Kitchen Equipment for rent, needs to be carefully planned. But there are ways by which you can ensure that your event is a success, one of which includes setting up a great buffet. Here are 5 awesome tips that will come in handy next time you organize a buffet event: Space Management Choose a spot which has ample of space to accommodate the food tables. This will help…Continue Reading “5 Awesome Tips To Setting Up a Great Buffet Event”